Arts & Culture Structures

Provincial Arts and Culture Council


The objective of the PACC is to create an enabling environment for the ongoing development of arts and culture in the Free State. To this end the PACC has embarked on the following:

  • Identification and documentation of Free State arts and culture. This entails research, data
  • Gathering and documentation of artists and art forms which are intrinsic to the Free State; Skills training;
  • Provision of facilities for the development of neglected arts and culture;
  • Development of arts, cultures and languages;
  • Production and audience development;
  • Employment and income generation;
  • Growth to excellence and self-sustainability;
  • Maintaining the existing pool of arts and culture in the Free State; and
  • Affirmative action and redress.

All arts and culture groups, individuals and practitioners in the arts sector in the Free State are eligible to apply for grants from the PACC and funding is allocated based on a certain criteria.

Provincial Geographical Names Committee


The Free State Provincial Geographical Names Committee was established in terms of section 2(2)(a) of the South African Geographical Names Council Act, 1998. It was established by the provincial department or Sport, Arts and Culture after consultation with the South African Geographical Names Council.


A PGNC is responsible for advising local authorities and working with them in ensuring that they apply the principles of the SAGNC to the names under their jurisdiction. A PGNC makes recommendations to the SAGNC on the names of geographical features that fall within its provincial boundaries. It should do preparatory work for the submission of names to the SABNC and is responsible for seeing to it that local communities and other stakeholders are adequately consulted. A PGNC liaises with the SAGNC on promoting research and ensuring that unrecorded names are collected.

Committee members


  • Head of Secretariat: Jeff Mphomela- 051 410 4753/ 072 532 2145
  • Researcher : Priscila Sinto – 051 410 4753

Names of places that are either wrongly spelled, appear in more than one place, names that are offensive or discriminatory and those that are not registered.

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