Library & Archive Services



The development, transformation and promotion of sustainable library, information and archive services which will contribute to:

  • sustainable economic growth and opportunities
  • nation building
  • good governance and
  • social and human capital development.

To render and manage library, information and archive services:

  • the provision library and information services to communities
  • the provision of technical and professional support services to community libraries
  • the promotion of a culture of reading and lifelong learning
  • the rendering of records management services to governmental bodies
  • the management of archival records at archive repositories


  • Provision of library and information services which are free, equitable and accessible, rendered according to the different information, reading and learning needs of people and which promote a culture of reading, library use and lifelong learning
  • To render archival and record management services which will provide for:
  • The acquisition, preservation and documentation of public records and non-public records of national/provincial significance
  • Proper management and care of public records
  • Equitable access and use of archives


  • The Library Services Component consists of the Professional Support Services and Community Library Services Units.
  • The Archive Services Component consists of the Records Management and Archives Management Units.