Delivery Agreement


The Department of Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation does not only support the priority outcomes of various other government departments but must play a meaningful role in ensuring that the Free State provincial government achieves the identified outcomes with regard to an empowered, fair and inclusive citizenship (Part B of Outcome 12).

The Department therefore plays a pivotal role towards achieving the following priority outcomes of government;

  • Outcome 1: Improve Quality of Basic Education¬†
  • Outcome 2: A Long and Healthy Lifestyle for all South Africans¬†
  • Outcome 4: Decent Employment Through Inclusive Economic Growth
  • Outcome 5: A Skilled and Capable Workforce to Support an Inclusive Growth Path
  • Outcome 6: An Effective, Competitive and Responsive Economic Infrastructure Network
  • Outcome 9: A Responsive, Accountable, Effective and efficient Local Government System
  • Outcome 10: Environmental Assets and Natural Resources that are well protected and Continually Enhanced.¬†
  • Outcome 11: Create a Better South Africa, a Better Africa and a Better World
  • Outcome 12: An Efficient and Development Orientated Public Service and an Empowered, Fair and Inclusive Citizenship

The Department has translated the required outcomes into clear priorities that it must achieve in the context of the constitutional and legislative mandate of the provincial government.